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Advantages Of Youth In Politics

Advantages Of Youth In Politics

Young people between the ages of 15 and 25 constitute a fifth of the world’s population but people under the age of 35 are rarely found in political leadership positions. Here you will know the Advantages Of Youth In Politics. In the area of political participation, eligibility for national parliament starts at 25 years old or older in a third of all countries. 

About 1.6 percent of parliamentarians around the world are in their twenties. The youths can be a creative force and a dynamic source of sustainable innovation; however, they also face issues of poverty, barriers to education, and limited employment prospects and opportunities. 

Advantages Of Youth In Politics: Importance

The involvement of youth in politics leads to civic engagement which is broader than political engagement because it can include service to the community through involvement in health, education and charity work. Advantages Of Youth In Politics is as follows:

Creativity & Ideas

  • Youth and adults benefit from each others’ skills, knowledge, and capacities.
  • Enhanced organizational development as new energy, fresh ideas and enthusiasm are brought into programs.
  • The youth face many issues in the world, but these issues go unheard.
  • Since the youth would better understand other young people, the best way to improve this newer generation would be through politics, which is a tool used to take action for development.

Better Citizens

  • Comparatively young people have fewer responsibilities and more zeal towards the betterment of society.
  • Youth tends to more enthusiastic, energetic and flexible is the Advantage Of Youth In Politics.
  • Young people who participate politically in their community from early on are more likely to become engaged citizens and voters. So in order to have better “young” citizenship, politics is one of the best tools.
  • By making politics accessible to youth, the negative perceptions on politics can be slowly erased in minds of young people.

Advantage Of Youth In Politics: Desire for Change

  • Youth have always been in politics especially at the time of reform movements.
  • Most of these young people are in informal politics rather than formal politics. For Eg. – Social movements, Pressure groups etc.
  • Increased competencies, self-esteem, skills, and knowledge.
  • Enhanced individual development as it provides youth with opportunities to generate real community change.
  • Skills training has to be provided to the young politicians by the experienced politicians.
  • Increased status and stature in the community.
  • Increased self-discipline and time management.

Conclusion Of Advantage Of Youth In Politics

Advantages Of Youth In Politics

Advantages Of Youth In Politics

Without active participation in politics, a nation is toyed with its future and undermines its existential capacity. The active participation of youths in politics must be seen as a beacon of hope for attaining purposeful and sustainable political leadership and stability. Now you got the Advantage Of Youth In Politics. The young generation does the practical work more than theoretical work. It gives a more effective result.

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