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Fashion Business Management Salary

Fashion Business Management Salary

Fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry now, and it takes a lot more than only creative designers and elegant models to make or break the identity of a fashion brand. Here comes the need for fashion management that plays a major role in the establishment of brand awareness and uncovers new trends. Here you will know about the Fashion Business Management Salary. People who like fashion and want to be involved in setting trends in the industry may like becoming fashion marketers.

These professionals, who perform duties related to marketing and advertising/promotions, are responsible for helping the fashion industry determine what will be popular, who will like it, and the best ways to market the trends. For pursuing a bachelor’s degree in fashion management from a reputed institute, an aspirant should have passed class 10+2 qualifying examination from a recognized state or national board of education.

Fashion Business Management Salary for Fashion Marketers

At the beginning of the year, nearly 3,000 people who work in fashion filled out our anonymous survey with details about their titles, companies, gender, location, years of experience and, of course, salaries. They spanned areas including design, styling, retail, PR, development, marketing, photo, editorial and advertising at companies.

Fashion marketers are in charge of the fashion industry’s influence on the constantly evolving culture around us. They decide what items will be popular in the near future and how to market those fashions to the public, usually at a retail level. One of their primary responsibilities is to coordinate and implement marketing efforts in conjunction with their employers’ business needs.

On the business side, Fashion Business Management Salary typically calculate profit margins, develop pricing, and assist in product development. In addition to marketing tasks, they may also select apparel and accessories for fashion shows. Traveling may also be mandatory in some marketing jobs because of the constant need to update fashion trends and see how others are marketing products.

New York City provides the best setting for any student who is fascinated with fashion merchandising. Instructed by experienced industry professionals, you will have the opportunity to learn real-world skills beyond the classroom by visiting showrooms, specialty shops, and buying offices throughout the city. Internships and capstone classes provide additional firsthand experience and networking opportunities.

Fashion Business Management Salary

Education Required

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Course Level Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design
 Duration of the Course 2 Years
 Examination Type Semester and Annual
 Eligibility 10+2
 Admission Process Entrance Exam and Merit Based


Fashion Business Management Salary $ Requirement

Required Education:                               Associate’s or bachelor’s degree

Other Requirements:                              Fashion industry experience may be helpful

Projected Job Growth (2014-2024) :      9% increase for marketing, advertising, and promotions managers

Median Annual Salary:                            $128,750 for marketing managers (2015)
$47,460 for fashion merchandisers (2016)

Assistant designer:                                     $46,910
Designer:                                                    $83,500
Creative director:                                      $130,000

Marketing manager:                                   $65,650
Social media Manager:                              $62,600

Assistant editor:                                         $35,800
Editor-in-chief:                                         $264,000

Writer:                                                        $58,540
Senior editor:                                             $58,390

Graphic designer:                                      $43,690
Photo editor:                                              $77,230

Bookings editor:                                       $168,500
Account executive:                                     $80,640

Merchandiser:                                            $61,000
Assistant Buyer:                                         $46,680

Development assistant:                             $36,930
Product manager:                                      $72,440

Salary statistics for fashion marketers is limited and is primarily attached to general marketing figures. The number of managers working in the fields of marketing, advertising, and promotions is projected to increase by 9% from 2014-2024. Marketing managers earned a median salary of $128,750 as of May 2015. In October of 2016. The median annual salary for fashion merchandisers was $47,460.

Fashion Business Management Salary Aspects:

  • Working individually and in teams, you will study fashion marketing, product development, planning, and fashion management. You’ll master the skills needed in global retail operations and management, and learn how to combine your sense of style with business acumen.
  • Students undergo rigorous education in buying, merchandising (retail and export), retail operations, forecasting, international marketing, international trade practices and project formulation.
  • They are exposed to creative merchandising/marketing, innovative fashion management practices, information technology developments, directions of fashion trends and business practices through field visits and industry internships.
  • The level of education needed differs by the employer, but a degree is commonly required. Those interested in a fashion marketing job can obtain an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in fashion marketing, fashion management, or fashion merchandising.
  • Although some employers don’t specify which type of degree is required, a bachelor’s degree is encouraged due to the amount of in-depth content taught. With any of these degrees, both the creative and business sides of fashion are examined. Some marketing management positions require a graduate degree.
  • The objective of the fashion management programme is to develop leadership and managerial talents in the fields of management, marketing, merchandising and retailing, honed specifically for the requirements of the garment export, fashion, and lifestyle and retail sectors.
  • Students undergo in-depth education in management, marketing, buying, merchandising (retail and export), retail operations, forecasting, international marketing, international trade practices, and project formulation.
  • After completion of the course, the students have the right blend of hard and soft skills. They possess the right attitude to enter the middle management of any growing organization.


Fashion Business Management Salary for Fashion Marketers Education

Fashion Business Management Salary for Fashion Marketers Education

Fashion Business Management Salary averages vary depending on things such as experience, company size, location, and duties. It can be difficult to pinpoint marketers in the fashion industry in particular, since marketing positions and marketing salary data points aren’t typically fashion-specific. Salaries vary depending on where you’re working. For example, Marketing Manager salaries in New York City are typically higher since NYC is a major fashion and advertising hub. Los Angeles is another popular area for fashion and marketing alike. Below you can find NYC and Los Angeles salaries from the third party tools that allow location-specific searches. Again, this is for a Marketing Manager position.

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