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Samsung Galaxy A7 Full Review

Isn’t the Samsung A-series simply a royal mess – even numbers, odd numbers, pluses besprent here and there, and a year stamp to high it all off. Let’s act and see what the Galaxy A7 (2018) is precisely and United Nations agency it’s for.

In the absence of associate degree A5 this year, the A7 (2018) and also the A9 (2018) happen to be the 2 odd-numbered phones. And that they have one thing in common – every includes a few cameras quite usual.

The A9 goes all out with 4-module array on its back – a traditional wide angle, associate degree immoderate wide angle, a pic, and an added only for depth detection.

Well, the A7 skips the pic, however, that is still 3 cams on a midrange. simply on the rear, that’s – there is an additional one on top of the show for selfies, and it’s paired with a flash too.

Then there square measure a few of terribly Samsung things you will find on the A7 – a SuperAMOLED show associate degreed an Exynos chipset. The 6-inches includes a FullHD resolution during a tall side, the SoC is formed on a 14nm method, therefore all is absolutely fitting the handset’s market phase – it’s well specced, however not too well specced.

For example, there is not any variety of quick charging, and also the bundled adapter is sort of the individual. a minimum of there is not all that abundant battery to top off. Wait, what? No, very although, the otherwise modest three,300mAh capability ought to be quite adequate for the display/chip jazz group if previous expertise is any indication.

That said, there is nothing adequate a few small USB ports, not on any phone any longer, however never on a mid-tier A-series model, albeit that A is not quite what it wont to be.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Full Review

Samsung Galaxy A7 Full Review

Anyways, let’s settle down and see what you may walk out of the shop with.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Full Review and Specification

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) unboxing

A rather plain white cardboard box, that is what, with a straightforward shiny blue ‘A7’ being the sole accent. It does not get abundant enthusiast than that on the within, wherever you will find associate degree out-of-date 5V/1.55A adapter and a USB cable to travel with it. On the and facet, there is a try of earbuds – basic however enclosed.

Design and 360-degree spin

We mentioned the mess the Galaxy A-series is correct currently in terms of sheer variety and style of models which reflects the build. Gone square measure the times once A meant a selected style and also the variety when it stood principally for size.

So {in a|during a|in associate degree exceedingly|in a very} year once the A6 models use metal unibodies and also the A8 varieties square measure glass front and back command along by a metal frame, the A7 could be a similar glass sandwich however with plastic substitution the metal for the frame.

it’s nearly just like the legitimacy, to associate degree extent, however, there is not any escaping the actual fact that the telephone set feels nearly too lightweight for its size, during a slightly cheap quite manner.

The A7 (2018) measures 159.8×76.8×7.5mm and weighs in at simply 168g once the A6+ (2018) is 186g, and also the A8+ (2018) is even heavier at 191g – all 3 of them six inches. That said, the Oppo F9 is truly within the A7’s weight ballpark (169g), whereas the vivo V11 is even lighter at 156g. The smaller five.84-inch Nokia seven.1 is 160g.

So, with the numbers out of the manner, let’s simply say we’re taken with the blue combination on our review unit. everybody appears to be doing blue phones a way or the opposite recently, Samsung enclosed, however, it’s this explicit intense tint that we would like to ascertain on flagships rather than the ‘sort of blue’ you’d realize on a Galaxy Note9 (though, admittedly, we tend to do have a factor for LG’s Moroccan Blues, too).

Samsung Galaxy A7 Full Review Specification 2018 Model Details

One factor we tend to hate, and that we continually have, is that the ‘Duos’ stamp on the rear. United Nations agency during this day and age shows off that they need a twin-SIM phone?

Not that it is a unhealthy factor mistreatment 2 SIMs, it’s simply not one thing you actively wish to place in peoples’ faces. The explanation behind a separate emblem eludes America. It’s there to no sensible or aesthetic profit, and that we hate it. Whew.

At least on this explicit model, there is one thing else to draw attention aloof from the text – affirmative, that might be the triple camera assembly. Housed behind a typical window the modules go like this – high one is that the 5MP depth sensing element, the middle one is that the primary 24MP unit, and on rock bottom is that the 8MP immoderate wide cam. The cameras’ single semiconductor diode flash brother is outside on its own.

On the front, there is the 6-inch Super AMOLED that’s pleasantly notchless – Samsung remains leading the #resist movement.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Full Review Display

It’s got its fair proportion of bezels all around, in order that ‘Infinity display’ line in promo materials is generally promoting speak. Even so, a minimum of things square measure symmetrical, and chin and forehead square measure equal rather than the phone being high serious – one picture element three involves mind.

The A7’s high edge is choked with the things you’d expect to seek out there that is giving designers a tough time and has America gazing notches all day. We’re talking phone (which, sadly, is not a second speaker), close lightweight and proximity sensors, camera, and even a flash. there is not any notification semiconductor diode, though, bummer.

What’s gone unaccounted for therefore so much is that the fingerprint reader – is it attainable there’s not one on the Galaxy A7 (2018)? No, it’s simply in the associate degree uncommon spot. Samsung’s force a Sony and fitted a fingerprint sensing element within the side-mounted power button.

The button is within the customary spot on the proper facet on top of the middle purpose, it’s simply recessed into the frame rather than protruding. Its placement is good to be used with the thumb of your right, however, if you are a smartphone-leftie, unlocking together with your index or finger is probably going to be awkward.

Meanwhile, you will accidentally brush it with any a part of your hands and pull down the notification shade (though that gesture may be disabled in settings).

Which brings America to a different questionable call on Samsung’s half. Okay, the facility button is currently conjointly a fingerprint reader, however, what will that have to be compelled to do with the position of the quantity buttons?

They’ve currently been settled to the proper facet too, high towards the highest. it isn’t very that huge of a deal, however, it will need some obtaining won’t to if you are a long-time Samsung user.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Full Review Specification 2018 Model Details

Samsung Galaxy A7 Full Review Specification 2018 Model Details

The left facet is home to 1 factor, and it is the card slot. It’s our favorite kind – it holds 2 nano-SIMs and a microSD.

Down on rock bottom, disappointment awaits. Okay, not really, as a result of you already grasp from the unboxing that the Galaxy A7 (2018) (mind you, 2018) uses the micro USB customary for charging and wired property. Still, we tend to feel that the selection of the recent connector could be an unhealthy one.

On a positive note, there is an electro-acoustic transducer jack?

Samsung Galaxy A7 Full Review Hardware

Going over the hardware, we will not facilitate however notice that there is no science rating for water and dirt protection. Given the A7’s plastic build and fewer premium market placement, it isn’t all that stunning.

It’s simply that the A7 (2017) was weather-sealed and this one is not, and it’s another development that leaves a nasty style in our mouths, albeit we tend to perceive that plenty has modified within the nearly 2 years since that came out.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Full Review Overall

Overall the phone is best in many ways but the price of this mobile is not less than some midrange best phone. one plus and Zenfone 5z are also providing the same processor in low range so they have to reduce the price from the Market.

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