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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s Competing iPhone X ?

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s Competing iPhone X

Mobile company Xiaomi recently launched a new phone Mi Mix 2s with the best and some new technology. Many are saying about this pone, The phone is better than the iPhone x. See here how Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s Competing iPhone X.

With new technology, the smartphone company is created a new and best mobile for the market. And Again with further innovation, The price of this movie is very less than the iPhone x but the all features are based on Android.

If you talking about the display so the display size of this device is 5.99 inches full HD display and with trim bezels on the top and sides.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s Competing iPhone X

  • The processor of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s Competing iPhone X

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s has a processor of snapdragon new series but the series is now old. The processor is 825 processor. Iphione x has apple’s processor both are faster but here we will talk about all features not only about the mobile processor.

The mobile is also supporting wireless charging. The Qi wireless charging, achieved with a wireless charging coil on the back and a wireless pad from the Xiaomi. Mi Mix 2s is the first wireless charging phone from Xiaomi.

  • Camera

Apple is always known for the best camera so iPhone x has also a best and super camera but the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s has also a good camera with dual tone. Even, Mi has implemented AI for its cameras. Eventually, improving the portrait mode and beauty of the elements. The dual camera resides on the top left just like iPhone X on the back side. Two 12mp sensors with one for the wide-angle view and the other for telephoto lens providing depth effective portrait mode stock photos. The aperture lacks behind with f/1.8 and f/2.4 lens.

In Specification Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s Competing iPhone X

  • Color and Body

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s launched with two beautiful colors. One in black with gold trim this on one is best for females, they will like the color, and another one is white with silver trim, this one is good but white is not a popular color in mobiles. The body of Mix 2s built on aluminum and ceramic and even there will be a special edition in full ceramic body.

  • Operating System of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s

The smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s comes with the Android Oreo. But you can also enjoy there own MIUI interface lying on top of Android with lots of new features. You can update the phone when they will release any new updates on the mobile.  The processing is done by the Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 845 processor. And there are two variants in RAM, either 6GB RAM or the 8GB one. In fact, the battery is packed with 3,400mAh. ROM varies from 64,128 and even the 256GB.

Xiaomi products as always will be released in China first and not to the US at any time before the two years. Mix 2s can support few LTE Bands.

  • Price

Where the iPhone x price is too much but the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s price is less than half that of iPhone X.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s is better Then iPhone X…?

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s Competing iPhone X ?

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s Competing iPhone X?

If you are compere in all feature so you can see one thing, the price of both mobile with the all features so the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s is the winner. Also Xiaomi co-founder Lei Jun exclaimed that they are trying to surpass the iPhone X features. But in camera and showoff, the iPhone will win.

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